Organic Apple Pie

Plant based Super Smoothie


  • We’ve taken everything we love about apple pie: that wonderful shortcrust, the sweet but slightly tangy apple cinnamon filling, and recreated it into a healthy Super Smoothie. In our quest, we’ve turned to raw organic superfoods and wholefoods to recreate all those delicious elements. Our Super Smoothies are nutritionally balanced and bursting with goodness to help you get the most out of life. We believe in life full of happiness, health and energy. 

  • Apple Pie Smoothie Nutritional Information


  • Only the finest pure ingredients make it into our Super Smoothies

    Ground rolled oats*, plant protein blend (sprouted pea protein*, sprouted brown rice protein*), cashews*, apple powder*, raw maca*, coconut milk powder* (coconut milk*, maltodextrin*), lemon powder, raw lucuma*, cinnamon*, stevia*. 

    *Certified Organic


    Allergens: Contains wheat, nuts, gluten.



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