Become a Blended Vitality Advocate and earn up to 25% commission on sales

Are you a personal trainer, health coach, or dietician?

Do you share our passion for clean wholesome food and helping others lead healthier and happier lives? Do you find yourself giving personal recommendations when people turn to you for advice? We d love to work with you to give you a financial reward for your hard work.


Here is how it works

- Fill out the contact form with your details and we will send you a registration form

- Once you are registered, we will send you a free sample pack, an information booklet and your unique promotional code to give to your clients, friends and colleagues.

- When someone makes a purchase and uses their code, their sales will be tracked and we will pay you a 20% commission on the total value of all products purchased.

- You are also welcome to invite your clients, friends and colleagues to our affiliate program. Simply get them in touch with us and when they sign up, you will earn a bonus 5% on the total value of all products purchased by their friends, all without having to do anything else yourself.

- We will pay you by the 15 th of every month for all commissions earned in the previous month


What's the next step?

- Simply fill out the contact form on the right and you're already half way there.


We can t wait to welcome you into our growing network. Good luck and all the best, 

The Blended Vitality Team